Insider Trading: The Secrets of Fairway

“Next Customer!” the cashier shouted. Behind me, a herd of shoppers laden with baskets impatiently surged forward. I looked around frantically for the cashier who was available. I couldn’t find her, although I could hear her bellowing voice. An employee politely shoved me in the right direction. Twenty cashiers were crammed into a few square feet and the line seemed to have no discernible organization. Nevertheless, I was checked out in two minutes and as I put away my wallet, my cashier started in on the next customer.

Even from the outside, Fairway promises to be busy ; the produce section extends from the store out onto the sidewalk where it is joined by a sizeable flower section. Pineapples, avocados, oranges and grapefruit all beckon the shopper inside to see what else is available. Upon entering the store proper, the narrow aisles of the produce section continue, populated by several male employees stocking the neat shelves and shoppers with baskets and carts, flitting from cilantro to garlic.

Fairway is a specialty store that carries gourmet and hard to find imported items, as well as an  extensive organic section, it is likely that the people shopping there are not on tight budgets. While produce was modestly priced, the cheeses, meats and processed goods cost more than they do at my local Food Emporium or a similar store like Met Foods.

When I went to the cheese section looking for queso fresco, one of several employees behind the counter asked me if I needed help. The friendly attitude of the employees made me think that Fairway is a neighborhood store that has regulars. Another clue about this was they fact that upstairs, a café and natural food section exist. It is easy to miss this section and not as busy upstairs.
If you have never been to Fairway, visit one of their five locations soon!


Manhattan- 2328 12th Ave (at 130th St) and 2127 Broadway (at 74th St)

Brooklyn -480-500 Van Brunt Street

Plainview- 50 Manetto Hill Mall

New Jersey- (Paramus) 17 North and Ridgewood Ave


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