Breast Cancer Charity Sells out to KFC

Who would think KFC would have anything to do with a cure for cancer? The Susan G. Komen foundation, dedicated to early detection and research for a breast cancer cure, has partnered with the infamous fast food joint in an effort to raise cash.

”KFC has pledged 50 cents to Komen for every pink bucket ordered by its restaurant operators during the promotion period, with a minimum donation of $1 million and a goal to raise more than $8 million.”

While a million dollars is a generous donation and the Susan G. Komen foundation is a worthy charity, I can’t help but think a bucket of fried chicken does more harm to the people who eat it than 50 cents will do to help breast cancer patients.

The KFC menu is full of unhealthy items. The new Double Down is the most obviously unhealthy item on the menu, composed of two fried chicken breasts, bacon, cheese, and a mayonnaise based sauce. There isn’t a token piece of lettuce or tomato to take the edge of the sandwich loaded with 32 grams of fat.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation is giving consumers an excuse to indulge in food that is bad for them, sold by a company that buys chickens who are raised in an inhumane environment. While you might feel better about buying a bucket because you are contributing to a good cause, most of the money still goes to KFC, and ALL the bad effects of eating fried chicken go to your heart and belly.

“For every fast-food restaurant per 10,000 people, a city’s obesity rate rises three per cent,” a 2007 study of fast food restaurants including KFC concluded. Ironically, obesity raises the risk for breast cancer.

If you want to support the fight against breast cancer, skip the chicken and donate directly to an organization that doesn’t support KFC.

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  1. Posted by Robin on April 30, 2010 at 11:46 am

    Love the post, I was totally shocked when I saw the commercial for this ridiculous campaign. This is just a way for KFC to get more people to buy their unhealthy chicken while thinking they’re doing something good. Here is a link to PCRM’s Cancer Project, about the link between diet and Breast Cancer. Maybe KFC could have put a salad on their menu and have THAT be the donation ticket item.


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