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Breast Cancer Charity Sells out to KFC

Who would think KFC would have anything to do with a cure for cancer? The Susan G. Komen foundation, dedicated to early detection and research for a breast cancer cure, has partnered with the infamous fast food joint in an effort to raise cash.

”KFC has pledged 50 cents to Komen for every pink bucket ordered by its restaurant operators during the promotion period, with a minimum donation of $1 million and a goal to raise more than $8 million.”

While a million dollars is a generous donation and the Susan G. Komen foundation is a worthy charity, I can’t help but think a bucket of fried chicken does more harm to the people who eat it than 50 cents will do to help breast cancer patients.

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Snacking is a dangerous habit. Sure, it’s not dangerous like
spelunking or smoking or wearing a Red Sox’s jersey at a Yankee’s

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Food waste from supermarkets and restaurants in NYC

In the United States, between one quarter and one third of our food supply is wasted every year, and we spend over a billion dollars disposing of it. In 2008, the EPA reported that Americans generate roughly 97 billion pounds of food waste a year or 365 pounds per capita (with a population estimated at 300 million).  Much of that food is edible.

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Smart Choices and Sensible Solutions

I am wary of packaged foods. Some, like rice or eggs are minimally processed but many contain long lists of ingredients I can’t pronounce or identify. Last spring I took a nutrition class with Marion Nestle, and investigated  Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner: Scooby-Doo! packaged meals, which is obviously marketed to children. Here is what I found.

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