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Season’s first strawberries

I woke up early this morning and decided to use that to my advantage- at 8am I was one of the first people at the Union Square Greenmarket. If you like getting a chance to chat with farmers and ask questions, the morning is the best time to do it. There are no crowds and the best of the offerings are available!

Today I picked up asparagus and rhubarb (for an upcoming recipe post) but I got really lucky when I spotted two lonely pints of strawberries at an organic stand selling mostly greens. Lucky for me, the vendor was just getting set up, and there were more berries to come. Some very excited early birds, including me, snapped up the strawberries as fast as the farmers could unload them.

Recipe for strawberries this good? Wash and eat. If you are getting organic strawberries, (which you should if you can, because strawberries are very heavily sprayed with herbicides) you need to eat them within a day or so.


Insider Trading: The Secrets of Fairway

“Next Customer!” the cashier shouted. Behind me, a herd of shoppers laden with baskets impatiently surged forward. I looked around frantically for the cashier who was available. I couldn’t find her, although I could hear her bellowing voice. An employee politely shoved me in the right direction. Twenty cashiers were crammed into a few square feet and the line seemed to have no discernible organization. Nevertheless, I was checked out in two minutes and as I put away my wallet, my cashier started in on the next customer.